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Corredera de cristal



Aluminia the slide glass is a new system of sliding glass sheets on top and bottom frames aluminum without vertical profiles.
This detail gives one of its most notable features, an amazing feeling of space at a time to meet shielded against sound and wind.
The bottom profile can be installed flush to the ground level, which further reduces the presence of aluminum, giving prominence to the views.
It is also a good companion frameless glass doors and which have obstacles (tables, columns, ...) and there can be hinged door would solve it with the sliding glass Aluminia.
Heavy duty trucks rolling incorporating facilitate the sliding with little effort.
The sliding glass Aluminia can close big lights, more than 12 meters, with no vertical profiles or pillars thanks to its versatility. You can create combinations of glass sheets from only 2 units, up to 8 maximum, and collect them all on one side or both, according to your needs.
The design also offers a range of close to choose from, with and without a key.
The glass sheets used in the laminate is tempered 8 or 10 mm thick.
This is a safety glass so it can be placed into the street without any problems.
It is perfect for installation in both private and business properties and businesses. You can close the patio of your house and enjoy the garden views no matter whether summer or winter or the terrace improve the comfort of your bar or restaurant despite the rain.
Its handling is very convenient and simple.




Combining 2 to 8 leaves
Tempered glass of 8 or 10 mm
Full opening on the right, left or both sides
Maximum size of leaf 1600 x 2500 mm 
Simple installation 
Variety of colors and finishes to choose for aluminum: anodized or lacquered wood imitation
Closing choice with or without key or without closure
Possibility to trim the bottom profile with the ground
Fittings and stainless steel

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Dirección: Calle del Fang 9, 12550 Almazora, Castellon, España

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