-Folding Aluminum enclosures allow close all sorts of places like hotels, restaurants, homes, to close swimming pools, solarium, or expand any business ...

-His main advantage is that the "total" tightness is achieved against rain and wind so great thermal insulation and huge energy savings is obtained.

-His installation is simple, clean and works (with optional lower frame recessed area or overlaid).

-These enclosures are made with profiles of vertical and horizontal aluminum, and double or triple continuous sealing gasket with total or partial opening around the enclosure.

-The system is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, glass can be cleaned from the inside without any difficulty thanks to removable hinge pin.

-You add useful square meters of housing without the need to reforms with the views and increasing its value.




-It Profiles of compensating top, bottom and sides.

-Lower, recessed and overlapping profiles.

-Unlimited Number of leaves.

-The Door openings include: indoor, outdoor, on one side, on both sides, indistinct, central.

-Allows placement of different types of glass and panels.

-Our Standard closure is composed of a lower and upper latch lever is actuated by using aluminum rods inside the profile and have optional security lock closure with 1 point and 3-point closures.

-Our accessories are designed and manufactured by ourselves what gives us great speed of delivery and easier if replacement of pieces.





To see more photos and videos go to the sections videos and installations

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