Alumina roofs allow to close all sorts of places like hotels, restaurants, houses, pools, solarium or expand any business ...

- Its main advantages are that the "total" tightness is achieved against rain and wind so great thermal insulation and huge energy savings is obtained, and the possibility of remote control drive and installation optional LEDs.

His installation is simple, clean and works.

- These enclosures are made from aluminum profiles with large thicknesses and the possibility of achieving great inner reinforcement and safer than all other companies in the market outputs.

- Add useful square meters of housing without the need to reforms with the views and increasing its value.

- We have 3 different series (Fixed roofs, handheld mobile Roofing, Roofing motorized).




Fixed ceilings:

-Possibility of different glazing (glass 3+3, glass 4+4, polycarbonate 16 mm and sandwich panel 16 mm).

-Size Maximum output 4000 mm glass, polycarbonate and panel sándwich 4500 mm.

-Very simple. 

-Mounted streets are served.



-Possibility of different glazing (polycarbonate 16 mm and 16 mm sandwich panel).

-Size Outputs up to 4500 mm.

-Installation Simple.

-Leaves and serve mounted rails with all accessories installed, gutter outlet waters and rear the allocation of streets.


Motorized ceiling:

-Possibility of different glazing (glass 4 + 4, glass 3 + 3  chamber 15+ 4 tempered,  Polycarbonate 16 mm and 16 mm sandwich panel).

-Size Maximum output consult.

-Installation Simple.

-Leaves and serve mounted rails with all accessories installed, gutter outlet waters and rear the allocation of streets.

-Final closing engine form factory installed, closing engine from factory installed only wanted to set the opening.


Motorized roof CM2.5

Motorized roof CM2.1

To see more photos and videos go to the sections videos and installations

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